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Protecting your ideas or business information is straightforward with our NDA. Suitable for talent and clients alike, this tool ensures both parties can securely share information, fostering trust and collaboration. Set up your NDA quickly, ensuring peace of mind for all involved.
Start every collaboration with a foundation of trust using our complimentary NDA. Designed to safeguard sensitive information for both clients and talent, this free NDA is your first step towards secure and successful partnerships.

Learn more about Non-Disclosure Agreements

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (also called an NDA or Confidentiality Agreement) is an essential tool for businesses looking to protect their confidential information.

Under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, a person or organization agrees to protect proprietary information they've received from another business or individual.

Your Non-Disclosure Agreement should include details like:

  • who owns the information being disclosed and protected;
  • who's receiving the information;
  • the owner's business;
  • the recipient's business;
  • the reason the confidential information is being disclosed (for example, the recipient is creating a marketing plan for the information owner);
  • whether the information consists of financial statements, customer lists and records, trade secrets, technical information, product designs, inventions, copyrights, pricing structure or source code;
  • the duration of any non-circumvention clause;
  • and whether the obligations of the agreement will apply for months, years or indefinitely.

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